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Power Settlement provides software solutions to energy companies that participate in ISO and RTO physical power markets. Our SettleCore™ system is a leading bid-to-bill system that incorporates extremely robust functionality for bidding, scheduling, ISO data downloading, shadow settlements, reporting, and visual analytics. SettleCore™ is in use at investor-owned, public power and cooperative utilities, independent power producers, community choice aggregators, and hedge funds.

We offer a singularly unique customer support model that includes:

  • 100% managed solutions for either hosted or on-site deployed solutions,
  • Direct user support from Power Settlements software developers.
  • Daily data-loading verification service
  • Software Bug Fix Guarantee
  • No-cost software upgrades for ISO/RTO market changes

Power Settlements was founded in 2007, with the first SettleCore™ deployment occurring in 2009. Our staff is comprised of business analysts and software developers who have deep experience in deregulated power markets.

Power Settlements is headquartered in Glendora, CA.

David Dan


David founded Power Settlements in 2007 and is responsible for setting Power Settlements’ strategic objectives and executing the expansion of the SettleCore system into all the ISOs/RTOs and the Western EIM. David is responsible for customer relationship management, sales, and overseeing all phases of software development. David is an expert in CAISO settlements and is responsible for designing the business functionality in all the SettleCore modules for the CAISO market and Western EIM. Prior to starting Power Settlements, David worked at various consulting firms including Deloitte & Touché, where he consulted for many of the CAISO participants, including investor-owned utilities, independent generators, power marketers, and municipalities. David first started his career in the ISO/RTO space when he joined the California Power Exchange in 1998, where he was a senior settlement analyst, led the dispute group, and trained market participants on validating their CAISO settlement statement charges.

Michael Aparicio

SVP of Software Development

Michael was the first employee hired by Power Settlements, when he joined in late 2007. Michael is highly knowledgeable of the business side of settlements in the ISO/RTO markets. As the original software architect of the SettleCore system, Michael performed all of the initial software development of the SettleCore ISO/RTO, eTag, and ETRM modules for Power Settlements’ CAISO customers. Michael now leads our software development team and is directly responsible for architecting the SettleCore system. Michael is the network and system administrator tasked with new customer deployments for both onsite deployment and hosted deployments. Michael works with the customer’s administrators to confirm the deployment plans, ensure the proper sizing of the system, ensure the required ports are open, assist with the VPN setting, work with customers’ firewall settings, etc.

Jason Hebert

Senior Vice President

Jason started his energy career on the dawn of deregulation of the electricity industry. Starting in 1995 with Valero Power, he began work on the shift scheduling desk and was promoted to day-ahead trader and eventually forward trader for the ERCOT and the SPP Markets. Jason continued his career with various trading, asset trading, risk management, and regulated operations with PG&E, Equitable, AEP, and InterGen/Shell. For over the past 10 years, he has been focused on improving the software technology aspect of energy operations including asset optimization, scheduling, settlements, contract management, etagging, trade capture, and risk manage. Jason received his Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with honors from Washington University. He is licensed as a Systems Operator in both SPP and ERCOT.

Kristin Marzec

Director of Operations & Client Engagement

Kristin joined Power Settlements in 2019 and currently oversees general operations and staff professional development. She is responsible for the management of client projects and internal projects, strategic planning, the SOC2 compliance program, and ongoing training initiatives. Since 2013, she has been part of the energy industry, working at Corporate Risk Solutions Inc and GridSME as a technical writer, project manager, and training specialist. She has worked with diverse clients within the United States, including multiple years at a large southern California utility. She has managed compliance program implementations and led audit preparation efforts, as well as assisted with mock audits, gap analyses, and organizational change management. She has designed computer-based training modules relating to NERC CIP compliance, utility market operations, and general HR-requested training initiatives. Prior to being in the utility industry, she worked in banking management and education. She holds a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Washburn University and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Georgia Southern University. Beyond her career, she is also on two non-profit boards in roles relating to audits, risk management, and community engagement.

Million Abraham

Software Development Manager

Million is the lead architect of the SettleCore ETRM and Scheduling functionality and is also directly responsible for the support and development of the highly interactive SettleCore Visual Analytics, our Business Intelligence and Analytics Module. Million has led multiple customer integrations and interface data exchanges. Million joined Power Settlements in 2010 and has broad functional and technical expertise in energy software design and development. As the lead with responsibility for software and interface development and technical system support, Million has been a key contributor to multiple successful and on-time delivery projects for SettleCore ETRM Settlement system solutions. Prior to joining Power settlements, Million worked for a major financial company in South Africa as a software developer.

Toni Girard

Manager Quality Assurance and Customer Support

Toni has over 15 years of experience delivering and supporting software solutions for deregulated energy markets. Prior to joining Power Settlements, Toni was employed at Brady Energy and worked on multiple large-scale settlement system delivery projects for ISO/Market Operators both domestically for the California Power Exchange and internationally for markets in Korea, Philippines, Western Australia, and Ireland. She has a broad knowledge base of energy software delivery and support, having held positions of Settlement Business Analyst, Test Manager, Configuration Specialist, and Support Manager. Toni joined the Power Settlements team in 2014 and is responsible for all aspects of ISO market initiatives, Quality Assurance for Power Settlements SettleCore ISO/RTO and SettleCore ETRM software, and the management of Customer Support.

Joyce Jenq

Lead Product Manager

Joyce joined the Power Settlements team in 2020, bringing a unique perspective with over 12 years of experience in the energy industry. She serves at the Lead Product Manager for the front office SettleCore ETRM modules and core development initiatives. She began her career with Shell Energy of North America in 2008 as a Real-time power trader, later transitioning to operational roles in regulatory, renewable, and carbon products. With her direct knowledge of trading and a passion for technology, she was key in CAISO implementations for 8 years. Additionally, Joyce has direct experience working with the CPUC, CEC, and was responsible for GHG Reporting, WREGIS, and carbon registries inventory management. Joyce holds a Bachelor’s degree from UCSD in Cognitive Science and a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) from the Rady School of Management.

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