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An interesting article ran recently that tracked project announcements on Data Analytics at utilities. The Greentechgrid article highlighted GTM Research’s tracking of over 200 deployments of data analytics at utilities. As expected with the waves of smart meters being rolled out consumer analytics comprise the majority of analytics deployments with 61% of the total. What is surprising is that Visual Analytics only comprise 7% of the total deployments.

Power Settlements has found that companies with generation in the organized ISO markets greatly benefit from tools that enable visual analysis of their ISO data and their internal data in one single screen. With the right tools in place, generation dispatchers, schedulers, asset optimizers, and settlement analysts can easily see their data to rapidly pinpoint both internal and ISO-related issues, leading to significant cost savings and additional revenues.

Power Settlement offers our Visual Analytics software that is considered best-of-breed for generators in the ISO markets. For more information, send us a quick note at and tell us which ISOs you participate in and we will send you a brochure with more information about our Visual Analytics solutions.

Reference to GTM Research’s article:

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