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Enforce your company’s risk management policies with the the SettleCore – Credit Module.

Easily configure counterparty credit limits. Includes the ability to use different credit limits for each product traded at the net level or by direction.

Quickly configure trader group limits. Set volumetric limits and dollar limits by individual trader or for each group of traders.

All counterparty and trader limits in the Credit Module are enforced in the Trade Capture Module during trade entry. When credit violations occur, the traders can view the exception warnings. Credit Managers receive notification as limits are approaching and may temporarily suspend trading or clear holds to resume trading.

Enable all of your traders to view the available credit limits by counter-parties before, during, and after trading occurs.

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Features Overview

  • The SettleCore – ETRM (Energy Trading and Risk Management) solution includes the Trade Capture Module, Position Management Module, the Credit Module, and the Risk Module.
    • The Credit Module enforces counterparty and trader limits (prerequisite is the Trade Capture Module).
  • Perform daily and intra-day MTM (“mark to market”) valuation.
  • Includes configuration screens for credit and risk managers to set trading limits and warning limits.
  • Automated emails are sent to pre-defined stakeholder groups whenever exception limits are met.

The SettleCore solution is comprised of the following modules:

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