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“Power Settlements’ SettleCore™ technology is one-of-a-kind. We were at first overwhelmed with the amount of data used in the structured markets to determine and calculate charge codes, but SettleCore™ accelerated our position from novice to intermediate on day one. It delivers a level of trust and expertise that makes it ideal for any level of user right out-of-the box. The Power Settlements staff were continually committed to AEPCO’s successful transition during our market implementation, and the firm offers a variety of tools to make anyone a power user.”

“The SettleCore CBM (Contract Billing Module) has been extremely helpful in processing 500+ invoices each quarter. Prior to the implementation of the CBM, this process took 5-8 business days to complete, but after the Contract Billing Module go-live, it takes only 4-5 hours. The meter data, calculation, invoice creation/approval, and email generation process have also streamlined our invoicing process by taking away manual work. The Power Settlements team made sure our requirements were well-understoood and they provided the solutions that we needed.”

“Power Settlements was the clear choice to provide us with comprehensive bid-to-bill functionality that could handle our complex renewable bidding and settlements requirements for the CAISO market. They worked closely with us throughout the implementation process to meet all our specific requirements, and the Terra-Gen team has already derived significant benefits in multiple areas. The SettleCore™ modules we licensed have helped us more quickly bid, analyze, optimize, and report on the performance of our renewable and hybrid fleet, significantly enhancing our CAISO market participation and, ultimately, the more efficient delivery of clean energy to customers.”

“With El Paso Electric Company (EPE) joining the Energy Imbalance Market (EIM), the company needed a settlements application that could support the new EIM settlements functions.  SettleCore from Power Settlements provided this support. The functionality from Power Settlements was not limited to the settlements processes, but also provided help with visual analytics and metering submission. The implementation process was seamless and efficient, thanks to the dedicated and responsive support from the Power Settlements team. From the initial onboarding to the final go-live, Power Settlements provided exceptional guidance and assistance at every step. The software was tailored to EPE’s specific needs, and the customization options were extensive, allowing EPE to streamline the settlements processing workflow to a whole new level.

One of the standout features of SettleCore is its user-friendly interface. The intuitive design and navigation made it easy for the EPE team to adapt to the new system, reducing the learning curve and ensuring smooth adoption across the organization. SettleCore’s robust functionality enabled EPE to automate various manual processes, resulting in increased efficiency and accuracy in settlements processing.

Moreover, the level of support EPE received from the Power Settlements team during the implementation has been exceptional. Their responsiveness and willingness to address any questions or concerns was exemplary. Power Settlements consistently went above and beyond to ensure EPE’s satisfaction with SettleCore.

In summary, the implementation of SettleCore has been a success for EPE. The software transformed EPE’s settlements processing operations, bringing increased efficiency, accuracy, and visibility. The seamless implementation process, user-friendly interface, robust functionality, and excellent support from the Power Settlements team made it a truly positive experience. EPE highly recommends SettleCore from Power Settlements to any financial institution seeking a reliable and effective solution for EIM settlements processing.”

“Idaho Power Company (IPC) recently selected Power Settlements Shadow Settlement, EIM Sub-allocation, and Contract Billing modules after a comprehensive RFP process for both the PRSC and EESC. These modules are intended to allow us to streamline current analytics processes with the shadow settlement review and perform subsequent transmission customer invoicing all within one system. Since IPC joined WEIM, we have been using the Power Settlements SettleCore system for dispatch analysis, reporting, and other market analytics needs. Power Settlements staff is knowledgeable on ISO/WEIM market rules and provides a high level of customer service and user support. We look forward to implementing the WEIM Shadow Settlement / EIM Sub-Allocation / Customer Invoicing system and continuing to build on our partnership with Power Settlements.”

“Power Settlements has been an excellent business partner, and has consistently gone above and beyond from a customer service standpoint. From timely communication, thoughtful collaboration, helpful training, friendly staff members and quick responses and resolutions, Power Settlements represents what a first-class vendor stands for. The SettleCore system provides a full suite solution that supports Avista’s real time operations insights, post market analysis, settlements shadow and validation, billing and invoicing, benefit calculation as well as any customization capabilities that are required. The SettleCore system is very intuitive to analytical minds showing the vendor focuses on anticipating end user needs.  Avista could not be more pleased with our decision to choose Power Settlements and their solutions to support our Settlements and Analytics functions in the WEIM.”

“We have been using Power Settlements for almost a year and are continuing to utilize and optimize their full suite of software (Scheduling, Bidding, Trade Capture, Etag, Settlements, Shadow, Meter, and Visual Analytics) and are excited with how much we can do! We are able to customize reports and layouts to suit our needs. They have had excellent customer service and are always very quick to respond to any issues that come up real time. We have been very happy with the bid-to-bill software and in particular with Visual Analytics and its ability to organize and display large amounts of data in a way that can be processed quickly. As a smaller utility, they have definitely made us feel just as important as any other customer. With their customer service and array of software products, we know we’ll be able to accommodate any new changes that come our way.”

“TID is extremely satisfied with the level of customer service Power Settlements provides. From the timely and attentive communication, helpful training, and friendly employees, they have exceeded our expectations. The SettleCore product itself is an essential tool to be able to disseminate a large amount of data in a timely manner. Visual Analytics provides so many snapshots of real-time data and is tremendously helpful to see how units are performing real-time in the CAISO market. The ease of highlighting variances in the settlement statements utilizing SettleCore’s shadow settlements has streamlined our settlements process. Additionally, we have also enjoyed the ability to easily export data to Excel to be able to further review the data.”

“UAMPS selected the Power Settlements SettleCore system because it offered an off-the-shelf package that could be customized. We also wanted a single system for our front office that was fully integrated and linked e-Tags to our trades and positions. The SettleCore E-Tag, Delivery Management and Trade Capture modules offered this and do this very well. As with any organization replacing a legacy system, we had certain nuances that needed to be addressed and worked through. We were able to work with Power Settlements to not only set up the new modules, but integrate SettleCore with our internal systems. The commitment and customer service from Power Settlements to help us be successful with this project has been excellent.”

“SRP recently licensed Power Settlements’ SettleCore – CAISO ISO Downloader, CAISO Visual Analytics, and CAISO Settlements Analyzer modules. Those modules along with the daily download and verifications service have significantly enhanced SRP’s ability to quickly identify, explore, and subsequently resolve EIM related front and back-office issues. Specific features SRP has found to be of particularly high value to date include near real-time reporting, visualization tools, customized business rules, EIM shadow benefits calculations, customization hours, and database access. Those features in conjunction with ease of use and exceptional customer support have resulted in a winning combination for SRP, helping us hit the ground running as a new CAISO EIM participant.”

“Power Settlements SettleCore system has enhanced the analysis and operation of Seattle City Light’s Power Marketing Division. As a new EIM participant, SCL has leaned on the SettleCore Daily Analysis tool to identify Master File enhancements, CIDI ticket submissions, training opportunities and participation strategies for our Traders. In addition, the CAISO Settlement Analyzer and EIM Shadow Benefit calculation have been instrumental in validating Settlement statements and CAISO quarterly benefit numbers. SCL highly recommends working with the Power Settlements team; they are a superior vendor that exemplifies customer service and support.”

“SettleCore Visual Analytics has allowed Idaho Power Company the ability to review market operations in real-time and conduct post market analytics for front and back office staff.  The software is intuitive and easy to use and is designed with an analyst mindset. The SettleCore Analytics module also provides the ability to shadow the CAISO EIM benefits logic which has proved essential in validating the CAISO EIM quarterly benefits reports as well as regulatory reporting.  Power Settlements’ staff are responsive to IPC business needs and work with IPC staff to resolve issues timely and efficiently.”

“Power Settlements’ EIM settlement software, including the Visual Analytics module, is intuitive and easy to use. The SettleCore system has been valuable to SMUD for identifying dispute items and investigating operational issues. It’s designed from an analyst’s viewpoint and offers a variety of ways to view settlement-related data, right out of the box. The Visual Analytics module enables us to quickly see real-time profit/loss and identify uninstructed deviations at the resource level to head off problems and minimize negative settlement implications.

We’re also very satisfied with Power Settlement’s customer service. We appreciate their hands-on approach and quick responses to our requests and resolving issues. Their ability to quickly act on our changing priorities is one of their strengths. We consider Power Settlements to be a highly engaged and collaborative partner in our entry into the EIM market.”

“The SettleCore Visual Analytics Module offers the ability for APS to utilize programmable validation rules to alert unusual market results. These business rules allow for complex datasets to be created from both CAISO data and external interfaces, producing a highly customizable and interactive analysis tool. This enables relevant market data to be efficiently compiled, analyzed, and flagged for further follow-up. The SettleCore platform fosters better collaboration between the operations and settlements business areas, helps identify areas for operational improvement, and provides improved detection and support of CAISO settlement disputes for increased cost recovery.”

“Utilizing the Power Settlements Visual Analytics module, PacifiCorp was able to quantify the benefits associated with additional capital investment at its generation facilities, utilizing the profit and loss calculator in a quick and easy manner. The Visual Analytics module allows PacifiCorp to see nodal based profit and loss calculations that provide clear price signals associated with changes in the market in PacifiCorp’s balancing area and changes in the broader EIM. This type of information has allowed PacifiCorp to more easily understand and quantify the benefits associated with enhanced flexibility at its plants and assess any capital improvements that may allow increased flexibility to react to changes in the market. In addition, PacifiCorp has been able to further analyze uninstructed deviations at its plants and spot issues in real-time to minimize cost impacts to its customers.”

“Power Settlements has been a fantastic business partner. They implemented the SettleCore product ahead of schedule and did an excellent job of delivering a well-tested product that met or exceeded our specific requirements. Where we needed enhancements to the product the Power Settlements team was readily available to hear our requests, they quickly comprehended what our needs were and rolled out the enhancements in a timeframe that exceeded our expectations. The Power Settlements team has been an exceptional business partner and I consider them best in class for exceeding our customer service expectations in the areas of fast response times to requests, technical expertise, reliability, flexibility and follow through. I highly recommend working with the Power Settlements team if you are a participant in the CAISO market.”

“EIM activity produces voluminous data and SettleCore is a key tool for efficiently managing and consuming data. SettleCore Visual Analytics for historical and real-time has allowed Puget Sound Energy to track market operations in real-time and conduct post analytics. SettleCore features business rule logic that enables PSE to track and monitor defined market events. PSE staff worked with Power Settlements to replicate CAISO EIM benefit logic, which has proved essential in validating CAISO’s benefit estimates. Power Settlements staff has been and continues to be flexible and responsive as PSE integrates SettleCore into operations.”

“Power Settlements has simplified our MISO interactions and improved our processes. Demand bids, energy offers, financial schedules, and corresponding settlements can be managed across multiple asset owners with fewer staff-hours and less potential for error. Data extraction, data handling, report creation, and general back-office activities have been made considerably easier.”

“We selected Power Settlements because they were the most responsive and informed group that we spoke to in our initial software screening. In implementation, they have continued to display that level of expertise. Power Settlements provides enough of a quantitative difference in processing capability, as to arrive at a qualitatively different staff experience. It’s the difference between a trader spending 4 hours analyzing a single day’s settlement in. XLS, and spending 5 minutes confirming an outcome in full-color charts via Visual Analytics. It’s the difference between IT spending an hour a day making sure data gets downloaded, and simply logging in to review your already downloaded data. It’s the difference between having your accounting department spend 10 hours correlating CAISO reports to compare to a CAISO statement, and just clicking one button to receive that spreadsheet. In other words, it’s the difference between making a profit and spending that profit on the time it takes trying to figure out if you did.

Of course, there are other products out there, but when you consider the staff, the customization capability, and the modern platform that Power Settlements provides, you can’t beat the value for the price.”

“The Visual Analytics Module is useful to catch the occurrences of events that shadow (settlements) will not capture.”

“SettleCore is a great tool for monitoring and identifying potential issues.”

“The Power Settlements system has really been a huge benefit to us. Our schedulers and traders have already seen a huge benefit from the Visual Analytics module. With a single Real-Time dashboard that automatically updates itself every 5 minutes, we now have real-time visibility into our CAISO’s 5-minute ADS generator dispatches, our internal meter data reads, real-time imbalance energy, all of our schedules and all of the LMPs. Having a single screen with all of this information, which allows us to perform Real-Time analysis and reporting, has been amazing. Within just a few weeks after the Power Settlements implementation, we have already found several internal and CAISO issues that we are following up on to further improve our generator performance.

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The SettleCore system is easy to use and our settlement analysts are able to quickly identify the source of settlement discrepancies between the shadow and MISO. SettleCore’s accuracy and intuitive format has added efficiency to our settlement process, as well as increased the level of confidence in the accuracy of our shadow settlements. Our interaction with Power Settlements, from the first demo, through a full featured trial phase and into production has been smooth and professional. They are very attentive to details, knowledgeable about the MISO market and willing to make product changes that increase our productivity. We would highly recommend that anyone looking for a robust settlements system consider Power Settlements.”

“We were impressed with Power Settlements’ single solution software that supports straight-thru-processing of our energy trading and scheduling, credit and risk management, and ISO activity. We were looking for an established vendor with a solution to meet our current needs and accommodate our future growth and Power Settlements’ large customer base and extensive knowledge of the CAISO market were key factors in our vendor selection decision. We are thrilled that Power Settlements implemented the SettleCore solution on time and on budget. Now that we are in production, we are very pleased with the high level of support and attention that their staff provides.”

“One year ago, we implemented the SettleCore™ ETRM system on time and on budget. We were able to successfully replace multiple systems with one system that could address the process improvements and reporting enhancements we felt were critical needs for our operations. The SettleCore™ product and their customer support staff have allowed us to realize a new level of efficiency across multiple departments. We are extremely happy with our selection of SettleCore.”

“We have used the SettleCore system as our CAISO settlements software for the past few years. We use this system daily to analyze settlement results for commercial operations and financial analysis at our Plant. The software is robust and dynamic – exportable and configurable. There is so much information coming from the ISO. Every so often something new needs to be analyzed and implemented. There have been a number of times that I have worked with Power Settlements staff to create a report from concept to export in less than a week. They have always been able to fit us in and get it done. Power Settlements has proven to me that they can provide expertise, customer service, and a solution in a short amount of time. We recommend them as a provider of settlements software.”

“We now have a single application that is used by our organization for transacting with the CAISO and our counterparties – from entering the deals to scheduling, downloading CAISO data, calculating shadow settlements, reporting, and counterparty settlement. Since the production rollout of the SettleCore deal capture and scheduling functionality, our traders and schedulers are extremely pleased.”

“We were very impressed with the superior functionality of the SettleCore application and the incredible customer service provided by Power Settlements. We wanted our front-office users to benefit from the SettleCore application as well. We realized that a single, completely integrated application for all of our front-office and back-office users would result in a material time and cost savings for our organization.”

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