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Entegra Power Group, new to MISO South, owns and operates some of the largest independent power plants in the United States, including the Arkansas Union Power Station, which produces close to 2,200 MW of power in the MISO market.

After reviewing Power Settlements and several competing software vendors, Entegra selected SettleCore™ for all of their interactions and communications in the MISO market. Entegra and Power Settlements recently completed the SettleCore™ implementation for all of their bid to bill interactions in MISO.

John Heisey, Vice President of Asset Trading at Entegra says, “Power Settlements and the SettleCore™ solution have exceeded our expectations. We use SettleCore™ for generation offers, shadow settlements, outage management and meter data submissions in MISO. In particular, the SettleCore™ – Business Intelligence and Analytics Module, with its graphical screens for reviewing our MISO Day-Ahead and Real-Time awards and operational performance, has provided such incredible value in an easy-to-view presentation that it is used by generator dispatchers at the plant to individuals in our executive management team. It is easy to use and it greatly assists us with our real-time decision making and ability to identify operational issues and market challenges.

The SettleCore™ solution for MISO offers energy companies the most comprehensive software functionality available including: the Scheduling Module for submitting bids and offers to DART, the Outage Module for submitting generator outages to CROW, the ISO Downloader Module for downloading all of MISO’s data, the Settlements Analyzer Module for drilling down through MISO’s settlement files and invoices, the Shadow Settlements Module for estimating MISO charge codes as early as one day after the flow date, and the Business Intelligence and Analytics Module for graphically reviewing and analyzing generator dispatch performance.

About Entegra Power Group, LLC

Entegra Power Group was formed in June of 2005 as an independent power company to own and operate two of the largest independent power plants in the United States – the Gila River Power Station and the Union Power Station. These two power stations are similar in size and design and each station is home to four natural gas fired combined cycle facilities that can produce approximately 2,200 MW of power. The Gila River Power Station is located just south of Phoenix, Arizona and the Union Power Station is located in southern Arkansas. In addition, Entegra owns and operates the 42 mile Trans-Union Interstate Pipeline, which flows gas from Louisiana to the Union Power Station in Arkansas. Entegra personnel, located onsite at each of the power stations, perform power plant operations and maintenance.

Entegra’s corporate headquarters is based in Tampa, Florida. The Tampa headquarters is also home to the asset management team that includes an energy marketing and trading organization, which manages all of the commercial energy activities associated with the Entegra energy assets.

More information about Entegra Power Group can be found at

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