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SettleCore E-Tag can be deployed in two different configurations to improve your front, middle, and back office operations.

  1. Full E-Tag Agent/Approval
  2. Reporting and Settlement Automation

Full E-Tag Agent/Approval

Completely replace your existing e-Tag Agent and/or Approval service with SettleCore E-Tag, a web-based product that fully meets NAESB/NERC standards. In addition, it provides full inbound and outbound REST APIs for integration with other systems.

SettleCore E-Tag allows for the creation, approval, denial, adjustment, termination, cancellation, and exporting of a single tag or group of tags. Approval/denial criteria can pull data from other systems and implement custom business rules. Denials can be automatic or suggested for manual review.

Besides the API interfaces, tags can be created by uploading spreadsheets, copying and pasting data from Excel, using templates, copying existing tags, or through a manual process. Our data grid allows fast data entry to quickly fill in energy and transmission profiles. This deployment also includes everything below in the Reporting and Settlement Automation section.

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Reporting & Settlement Automation

With Etag Reporting and Settlement Automation, we bring all Etag data in from your current provider and allow API access, custom reporting functionality, and automatic flow of real-time data into settlement processes. No longer will you need to calculate integrated hourly values and manually input operational adjustments. All that data and more is seamlessly integrated between the Etag, Trade Capture, and Settlement modules.

In addition to custom reporting, Renewable Energy Credit (“REC”) reports, transmission usage reports, and other reports basic on standard business practices are included.

Feature Overview

This module is used to create, view, submit, and report on Etags. The solution provides all the features you want and need in the base product. Other vendors nickel and dime you with add-ons to get what we provide for free.

  • Create tags from templates.
  • Copy tags forward to new days.
  • Put tags on “Hold” to save them before submitting.
  • Tag searching, filtering, and sorting.
  • Innovative horizontal layout to take advantage of modern wide screens and reduce scrolling.
  • Copy and paste, fill down, fill right, and other quick data entry functionality.
  • Robust REST API for all actions (creating, viewing, submitting, reporting, etc).
  • Built in reports for transmission usage, RECs, path monitoring, and Net Scheduled Interchange (NSI).

The SettleCore solution is comprised of the following modules:

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