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Automated downloads vs. manual portal downloads. Automated downloads win every time. Why? Portals takes too much time. Make your life easier and save tons of time by using the SettleCore – ISO Downloader Module to automate the download of 100% of your ISO/RTO reports (schedules, awards, bids, LMPs, meter data, outages, settlement files and invoices, etc.).

Simply provide your read-only ISO/RTO certificates or logins and start automating the download of all of your ISO data today. All downloads are pre-configured and are available out of the box.

The ISO Downloader Module enables time-triggered downloads on a configurable timeline.

Includes a built-in Create-a-Report screen for extracting 100% of your ISO/RTO data, by date range.

Don’t imagine how great the automated download of all of your ISO/RTO data would be. Start saving yourself time now and schedule a demo of the SettleCore – ISO Downloader Module today.

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Feature Overview

  • Automate the download of 100% of ISO/RTO data by using the ISO Downloader’s built-in APIs to download: bids and offers, market awards, dispatch instructions, LMP prices, meter data, outage data, CRRs/FTRs, forecasts, settlement statements and supporting settlement files, and invoices.
  • Automatically imports data on configurable timelines by calendar days and business days.
  • Enable super-users to manually initiate downloads on-demand.
  • View downloaded data in pivot-table screens.
  • Extract 100% of your ISO/RTO data to Excel and CSV files.

The SettleCore solution is comprised of the following modules:

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