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The SettleCore – Market Bids and Offers Module instantly creates all your complex energy and ancillary service bids and offers without complex screens.

SettleCore can formulate and create an entire portfolio of bids and offers in less time than a single manual entry in the portal.

As each market matures, margins go down and strategies become more complex. Many participants find their strategies constrained by their software and personnel. Free yourself of these artificial constraints by scheduling a demo of SettleCore.

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Features Overview

  • SettleCore completely automates the creation of bids for all resources.
  • Each customer simply defines the list of bid strategies, including the inputs of the bid formulas. Schedulers can easily change bid strategies using a simple drop-down list.
  • Then SettleCore creates the bids and offers for each resource and hour.
  • Schedulers have the ability to override created bids before they are submitted to the ISO.

The SettleCore solution is comprised of the following modules:

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