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Today, marked a major milestone of Power Settlements. We deployed the SettleCore – MISO system to several market participants of the MISO markets. In this release, we delivered the ISO Downloader Module, the Scheduling Module, the Settlements Analyzer Module, and the Shadow Settlements Module.

This release includes an enormous amount of functionality, such as:

1. The ability to upload bids and offers to DART; and

2. The ability to download, view, and report on MISO data sources, including (COS settlement files and invoices, DART, PSS/webTrans, MRPT, etc); and

3: The ability to run MISO shadow settlements of the charge codes as early as the day after the flow date (T+1).

We will be delivering the CROW Outage Module, the GADS Upload, and the Business Intelligence and Analytics Module in the end of 3rd Quarter 2013 SettleCore – MISO Release.

“This is an exciting time at Power Settlements. We are experiencing tremendous growth. The SettleCore system has a huge presence in the CAISO markets, and now our customers are requiring software for additional ISO/RTO markets, further solidifying our growing presence in providing superior software and customer service to ISO/RTO market participants. In addition to this MISO release, we anticipate delivering our first PJM release of the SettleCore system later this year,” said David Dan, CEO of Power Settlements.

In the near future, check out our website for additional details on customer licenses of SettleCore – MISO.

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