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City of Azusa Implements Additional SettleCore Modules

Today, the City of Azusa implemented two additional SettleCore modules: the SettleCore - ISO Downloader Module and the SettleCore - Shadow Settlements Module. With the pre-existing SettleCore - Settlements Analyzer Module, the City of Azusa has the ability to download, view, and validate all of their CAISO data.

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City of Riverside Implements SettleCore for Front-Office

Power Settlements Consulting and Software, a premier provider of software applications for companies that transact in ISO/RTO markets, is pleased to announce that the City of Riverside has implemented the SettleCore™ “Deal Capture Module” and “Scheduling Module”. David Dan, principal of Power Settlements noted, “The City of Riverside has been…

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Release of Automated API Submission to the CAISO’s SIBR Scheduling System

Today, Power Settlements released the new Scheduling Module to its SettleCore system for market participants. The use of the Scheduling Module by SettleCore users enables our customers to send schedules and bids directly to SIBR without having to manually enter or edit data in the CAISO’s SIBR scheduling system. This…

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Today, Power Settlements Completed Its 7th Software Implementation

Today, Power Settlements completed its 7th installation of its software products for CAISO market participants. Three companies have licensed the SettleCore – Settlements Analyzer module, and another four companies have licensed the entire SettleCore shadow settlement system. The SettleCore – Settlements Analyzer module is used by market participants to easily…

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The 20th CAISO Market Participant Downloads the Free Trial Version of the Settlements Analyzer

Today, the 20th CAISO market participant downloaded the free trial version of the Settlements Analyzer. The 30-day free trial version of the Settlements Analyzer is used by CAISO scheduling coordinators to 1) easily view and drill-down into the SaMC XML files, 2) use the built-in SaMC charge code training functionality,…

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Power Settlements Completes an Implementation of the Server-client Version of the SettleCore Settlem

Today, Power Settlements completed an implementation of the server-client version of the SettleCore Settlements Analyzer for a customer. This customer already has a shadow settlement system, and was not in need of one. However, they downloaded the free trial version of the Settlements Analyzer, and they enjoyed the ease with…

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