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Power Settlements is pleased to announce that NV Energy, a Nevada utility that participates in the CAISO Energy Imbalance Market (CAISO EIM), has implemented the Power Settlements Visual Analytics Module in a hosted environment. NV Energy is using the Power Settlements solution for historical and real-time analytics and reporting of their activity in the CAISO EIM market.

The Power Settlements Visual Analytics Module is a dashboard that displays the customer’s EIM data in a single screen for analysis of either the current day’s real-time data in the Real-Time screen or historical days in the Historical Analytics screen. This module graphically displays base schedules, market awards, dispatches, LMPs, unit parameters, and outage information, among other data sources. The customer’s internal meter data is imported to provide a real-time view of imbalance energy, and the module provides a snapshot of the customer’s estimated profits and losses in the EIM.

“NV Energy is our first CAISO EIM customer. We are extremely pleased that the Visual Analytics Module has provided material benefits to NV Energy to increase productivity and automatically flag dispatch and other data violations, through real-time analytics and reporting. NV Energy is an amazing customer and we look forward to working with them for many years to come,” said David Dan, CEO of Power Settlements.

For more information on the SettleCore – Visual Analytics Module, please visit

About NV Energy

NV Energy has served citizens in northern Nevada for over 150 years, and southern Nevada since 1906. The NV Energy service area covers 45,592 square miles of the fastest growing state in the U.S. NV Energy provides a wide range of energy services to 1.3 million customers throughout Nevada and nearly 40 million tourists annually. Nevada Power, Sierra Pacific Power and Sierra Pacific Resources merged in July 1999 to create one of the fastest growing energy companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In 2008, both subsidiaries began doing business as NV Energy signaling the commitment to serving Nevada’s energy needs. The company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About the SettleCore System by Power Settlements

Power Settlements is a software company that specializes in providing software solutions to energy companies that participate in the ISO and RTO physical power markets. Our flagship product SettleCore™, is a leading platform for participants in the ISO and RTO Markets. The SettleCore ISO/RTO modules enable full bid-to-bill functionality from bid submission through data downloading, reporting, and shadow settlements and settlement statement validation in the ISO markets. The SettleCore Visual Analytics Module is the leading visual dashboard for analysis of ISO dispatch and automatic flagging of events to avoid costs and highlight trading opportunities. Visual Analytics displays data in both an historical screen as well as an on-demand real-time screen. The SettleCore ETRM system includes a very robust, modular and fully integrated Energy Trading and Risk Management system, which includes power and natural gas deal entry for transactions in ISOs as well as bilateral transactions outside ISOs, settlements and invoicing, mark-to-market, the enforcement of counterparty credit and trader limits and risk management analytics. All of the SettleCore modules are fully integrated in a single system built in Microsoft .Net, using the SQL Server database that provides for full auditability, traceability, and user security roles.

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