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Power Settlements is pleased to announce the release of the SettleCore – EIM Module for CAISO EIM market participants. This fully functional module for market participants of the California ISO’s Energy Imbalance Market (“EIM”) may be used by EIM Entities and EIM Participating Resources and includes the following features:

  • Download 100% of CAISO EIM data, including BSAP (baseline schedules), CMRI (awards), ADS (5-minute dispatches), OMS (generator outages), OASIS (LMPs), Master File, and MRI Settlements (Settlement Statements, Billing Determinants, and Invoices).
  • Screens and reports to view and extract all EIM data.
  • Shadow Settlement and Validation of all EIM charge codes.
  • Graphical analysis of historical and Real-Time CAISO dispatch.

“Power Settlements is one of the largest vendors for CAISO market participants, and now CAISO EIM market participants will be able to utilize our market-leading software for their participation in the CAISO EIM market,” said David Dan, CEO of Power Settlements. “We look forward to the EIM members joining the CAISO EIM market and are pleased to provide software for their CAISO EIM participation.”

More information about Power Settlements can be found at

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