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Today, Power Settlements released the new Scheduling Module to its SettleCore system for market participants. The use of the Scheduling Module by SettleCore users enables our customers to send schedules and bids directly to SIBR without having to manually enter or edit data in the CAISO’s SIBR scheduling system. This fully integrated module compliments the existing SettleCore back-office features with the addition of automated scheduling features that are required by the front-office schedulers and traders that transact in the CAISO markets. The Scheduling Module, which is an optional module, includes the screen entry by the users in the SettleCore system, followed by SettleCore’s auto-submission to the SIBR API for all self-schedules and bids for energy and ancillary services, as well as inter-SC trades of APN, physical, ancillary service, and IFM uplift trades. Additionally, this module enables the users to download their SIBR messages into SettleCore to see the status of their records in SIBR, as well as any SIBR auto-generated warning or error messages.

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