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“The SettleCore – Visual Analytics Module includes the most in-depth visualization of internal and ISO/RTO data for each of the units in your portfolio, enabling users to quickly identify areas of cost improvement and revenue optimization. In this short 3-minute video, you will see how this single dashboard auto-updates itself every 5-minutes in the real-time market, with all of the graphical data relevant to each generator including: energy schedules, 5-minute dispatches, LMPs, bid offer curves, outages, and internal data such as PI/SCADA data and generator cost. This video shows how you can track your estimated ISO charge code payables and receivables, and track your profits and losses in real-time.

To see this 3-minute video clip, please click below to fill out the form and we will email you the link to access this video. You should expect a response back from us within the hour.

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