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The SettleCore – Settlements Analyzer Module allows analysts to seamlessly navigate through ISO invoices, settlement files, and billing determinants and to perform dispute analysis.

Analysts need to be able to quickly identify differences between ISO file versions and to compare them to shadow settlements. When differences are identified, analysts need to be able to drill-down to the lowest billing determinant and interval to identify discrepancies.

The Settlements Analyzer provides a very easy-to-use interface to allow settlement analysts to compare any two settlement files, with differences automatically highlighted, allowing the review of the lowest level of billing determinant and interval-level data.

See how much time and money can be saved when your settlement analysts have the tools they need to analyze your ISO settlements, compare to shadow settlements, and perform dispute analysis. Schedule a demo of SettleCore today.

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Feature Overview

  • Easily compare any two settlement files to each other (ISO vs. ISO, Shadow vs. Shadow, or Shadow vs. ISO).
  • Review a summary screen that shows discrepancies by the market participant, charge code, and day.
  • Drill-down into the charge code to review all billing determinant discrepancies at the lowest time interval.
  • Use built-in pivot tables to quickly slice and dice the data and export the data to spreadsheets.

The SettleCore solution is comprised of the following modules:

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