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Want to know more about the 2023 Power Settlements User Conference?

Power Settlements’ flagship product is the SettleCore ISO/RTO solution, which is used by market participants of the ISO/RTO markets. We also offer the SettleCore ETRM solution for smaller companies that require a fully integrated solution from front-office through back-office.

The SettleCore software solutions are modular based, allowing our customers to select only the modules that they require.

Our SettleCore software solutions have replaced more than half a dozen legacy deployments from other software vendors, including some of the largest and most recognized companies. The SettleCore software solutions have a proven track record of exceptional functionality, fast performance, extensive reporting capabilities, and the best customer support in the industry. The SettleCore solutions offer an extremely compelling cost savings, as our license and support costs are often less than what our customers were previously paying for their legacy systems that the SettleCore software solutions replaced.


The SettleCore software solutions may be deployed in either a hosted or an onsite-installed environment. In either deployment option, our support and maintenance model includes 100% management of the SettleCore software, thus, requiring no IT support from our customers. This support model provides a significant time and financial savings to our customers.

The SettleCore solution is comprised of the following modules:

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