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SettleCore™ is Power Settlements’ software platform which is used by many different types of energy companies participating in ISO/RTO markets. We also offer a SettleCore™ ETRM solution for smaller companies that require a fully integrated front-to-back-office platform.

SettleCore™ is modular, enabling clients to select only the functionality they require for their existing business requirements, while easily scaling up to incorporate more capability when enterprise needs dictate. Correspondingly, SettleCore™offers a very attractive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) today, and into the future.

  • Cost Savings & Return-on-Investment
    Deploying SettleCore™ typically results in extremely compelling dollar savings for clients who benefit not only from its speed and comprehensive functionality but from other service and support features that together, deliver significant ROI – even in the first year of use. Remote Application Administration, our industry’s best customer support and strong, bottom-line business results have allowed Power Settlements to replace many popular legacy systems with the SettleCore™ platform.

Implementation & Support

SettleCore™ solutions may be deployed in either on-site or in a hosted environment. Either option includes 100% management of the software, substantially reducing or eliminating the need for client IT support.

Power Settlements’ support model provides significant time and financial savings for our customers.

SettleCore™ Modular Solutions

Trading & Scheduling

Markets - Front Office

Risk & Analytics - Mid Office

Markets - Back Office


Operations, Integration, & Automation

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