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1Seamless Deal Capture-to-ISO Settlements in One System. By leveraging our experience working with some of the top U.S. power generators and public power companies, we’ve developed one comprehensive system that fuses Energy Trading and Risk Management (“ETRM”) seamlessly with Bid and Offer Uploads through Shadow Settlements in the ISOs (“Bid to Bill”).  The Power Settlements approach to ETRM comes from our deep roots in ISO Settlements, which requires extreme accuracy with complex data sets and the ability to adapt to constantly changing ISO market rules. We built a robust engine capable of organizing the complexities at the data model level in a simple, clean, friendly interface and merged our traditional Bid-to-Bill functionality with our Straight-Thru-Processing ETRM system. This approach yields a single 100% Vendor Managed application across the power Front-Office, Mid-Office, and Back-Office, which commonly replaces two to three legacy vendor applications and multiple integration points for our clients. The SettleCore ETRM system reduces the business processes of the end-user significantly, by automating much of the workflow in Deal Capture, Bidding, Scheduling, and Settlements. Our approach for IT is a significant improvement by not having to maintain interfaces, updates, and DBA activities. By adding MtM and VaR in 2014, we’ve completed our all-in-one-approach for the breadth and depth of physical power management.

2Power Focused. The SettleCore ETRM system is hyper-focused on electricity. No other major commodity sees more market rule changes in a given year than the power markets. The main strength of our ETRM system is the ability to rapidly deploy changes with no additional costs to clients. So when an ISO rolls out a new change, which can be as simple as an updated formula to a charge code in the Bid-to-Bill system, experienced professionals know it can have a ripple effect. A change in one part of the system will certainly impact another in ETRM. That’s why we’ve designed a power-focused system that can consume all the changes quickly and flow the results to everyone in the knowledge chain including the Plant Dispatchers, Gas and Electric Traders and Schedulers, Settlements Analysts, and Risk Managers – all within one single system.

3Dynamic Deal Structure. The ability to structure transactions in a simple Formula Driven approach makes our ETRM system within reach of everyone. Modeling the markets, products, trades, price curves, and hedges allows the system to scale from small municipalities to the largest of generation companies.

4Fast Deployment. Our system deploys up to 75% faster than other major ETRM systems. That means business and IT resources can stay focused on running the business instead of running a project.

5Fixed Price Approach Yields a Low Total Cost of Ownership. Our Fixed Price deployments and 100% Vendor Managed system yields the highest value at the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. Our track record shows that we’ve never gone over budget for any client. For clients seeking cost certainty across the lifespan of the application, SettleCore ETRM provides a clear choice when considering a new system replacement.

6Ease of Use. Our screens are compact dashboards that make lightning fast work of vast amounts of data. The familiar look and feel of a Microsoft environment, combined with innovative features such as screen docking, drag-and-drop fields, and pivot tables gives each user a view of the system that is customizable and comfortable. In fact, users are proficient in using the system within the first few days of training and feel the system is the most intuitive design on the market.

7Modular. The SettleCore ETRM system is modular and allows companies to deploy just the functionality they need at the time. When a business grows or enters a new market, individual modules can be added “out-of-the-box”.  Transactions and data flow straight through to reporting without additional integration.

8Open Database. We offer our clients a 100% open database and complete ownership of their data. This allows our clients to integrate with 3rd party systems or to internally developed applications and reports using IT-developed SQL queries. We never put a limit on your data…it’s all yours.

9Vendor Managed Application. Our 100% Managed ETRM system is like having a Subject Matter Expert on staff at no additional cost. We provide remote application management of every process, from adding new end-users and permissions, to trade-deal structuring, though custom report creation. We provide this service to all of our clients at no additional cost – to ensure consistency and rapid responsiveness. This allows Power Settlements to always ensure the SettleCore ETRM system is aligned with the end-user needs.

10. 100% Client Satisfaction. Unheard of across all ETRM and Bid-to-Bill vendors, we have a 100% client satisfaction rate. We have a 100% record of at or under budget deployments and have the highest client retention rate in the industry – also 100%. Can you say that about your current vendor?

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