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Power Settlements Licenses its Business Intelligence and Analytics Software to Additional Customers

Power Settlements announces two more companies have selected our SettleCore – Business Intelligence and Analytics Module (“BI Module”) for resource portfolio performance analysis in ISO/RTO markets. Our second deployment of the SettleCore – BI Module occurred last week for the City of Riverside. Additionally, a third power company has selected this module and scheduled the deployment in early 2013.

In our latest release of the SettleCore – BI Module, we have incorporated a “real-time” screen that displays the resource market awards in the various markets, the differing LMPs, the ISO’s 5-minute dispatches, and the customer’s internal meter data, all on a single graph that auto-updates every few minutes.

The SettleCore – BI Module has been providing significant value to our customers, as it automatically consolidates the various ISO data sources into a single graph, enabling the users to quickly perform visual analysis of their entire resource portfolio.

The feedback from our customers and potential customers after viewing the SettleCore – BI Module has been incredible, as they have noted that they have reviewed the BI tools offered in the market and have found that there is nothing else available that includes the level of functionality and integration that is offered to market participants in ISO/RTO markets, as is available in our software.

For any questions or a request for a demonstration of our SettleCore software, please contact us at

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