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The Premier Visual Dashboard for Utilities and Generation Companies in ISO/RTO Markets to See Their Profits and Losses in Real-Time

The SettleCore – Visual Analytics Module provides a visual dashboard for Generators, Load Serving Entities, and Balancing Authorities to instantly analyze ISO/RTO and Internal data including Schedules, Real-Time Dispatch, Meter, Pricing, Position Management, and Profits and Losses in a single graphical interface. It’s the leading platform to view and analyze ISO data with internal data and is used across the entire organization, from the generation dispatchers through executive management.

In today’s power markets generators need to know their profits and losses in real-time. They need to identify additional trading opportunities to maximize performance. They need the ability to continually improve profit potential and review missed opportunities. Companies are often overwhelmed with the vast amounts of ISO data and need the ability to compare it with their company’s internal data.

Power Settlement’s Visual Analytics is the solution. This module combines your ISO market data with your company’s internal data to form a complete financial picture.

It’s fast. It’s precise. It’s all on one screen.


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Visual Analytics is the leading off-the-shelf software for generators and utilities to get real-time PNL reporting and position management. It’s used by several of the largest and most respected names in the industry.

This solution provides a “single-point of truth” across your organization from generation dispatchers, real-time schedul­ers, and asset optimizers, to risk analysts, settlement analysts, and even C-Level executives as it allows each role to contribute to the bottom line. Customers report significant returns on investment after using this product.

Feature Overview

  • Graphical viewing of DA schedules, 5-minute RT dispatches, ancillary service capacity, LMPs, meter data, deviations, start-ups, and shut-downs.
  • Combines ISO data with internal data, such as PI and SCADA data, plant temperatures, heat rates, internal costs, etc.
  • Drill-down from a daily view, hourly view, 5-minute view, or sub 5-minute view.
  • Includes an ad-hoc, on-demand graphing feature, which enables the users to drag-and-drop the desired data points onto the graphs.
  • Includes all scheduling entities and all resources in the portfolio.
  • Includes business rules that identify resource-level validations that failed the user’s rules, such as meter deviations in real-time, infeasible ramp rates, etc.
  • Includes auto-updates every 5-minutes to reflect the new ISO 5-minute data and internal data.

Connectors, Data Import, Display and Export

With built-in interfaces to import all of the generator-specific ISO data (CAISO, EIM, ERCOT, ISO-NE, MISO, NYISO, PJM, SPP) and the ability to import customer’s internal data, such as PI and SCADA meter reads and internal generation costs, Visual Analytics can be implemented in a matter of weeks and will start providing value on day one.

The SettleCore solution is comprised of the following modules:

Visual Analytics has a High Return on Investment

Our customers have reported that Visual Analytics has led to a high ROI and in many cases has paid for itself within the first year of use. The following are some examples that our customers have reported on the high return on investment from Visual Analytics.

User Role
ROI Example of Visual Analytics


Optimize decision making for determining whether to sell in the DA or RT markets, which results in incremental margin.

Plant Operator

Plant operators using it in the control room to get a better understanding of an LMP market and how it operates including the volatility of RT prices, the financial impact of forced outages, and the different ancillary services.

Real-Time Desk

Real-Time desk uses Visual Analytics for duct burner management, optimization strategies, and offer adjustments due to temperature and humidity changes.


Resolve a metering issue at a generating station due to the momentary loss of power at the meter station.


Identify transmission limitations which affected a generator due to the incorrect processing of outage event information during the ISO’s IFM process.


Identify large financial losses from forced outage events with a generator which was passed onto the counterparty. Would not have been identified in shadow settlements.


Management teams can quickly assess what units were dispatched, for how long and what were the DA/RT prices. Quick assessment of their operating data, trading strategy, and overall performance from the previous day and any historic events that need to be explained in some detail.

What Our Customers Are Saying about Visual Analytics

“SRP recently licensed Power Settlements’ SettleCore – CAISO ISO Downloader, CAISO Visual Analytics, and CAISO Settlements Analyzer modules. Those modules along with the daily download and verifications service have significantly enhanced SRP’s ability to quickly identify, explore, and subsequently resolve EIM related front and back-office issues. Specific features SRP has found to be of particularly high value to date include near real time reporting, visualization tools, customized business rules, EIM shadow benefits calculations, customization hours, and database access. Those features in conjunction with ease of use and exceptional customer support have resulted in a winning combination for SRP, helping us hit the ground running as a new CAISO EIM participant.”
Jim Petersen, Senior Principal Analyst, Market Strategies, and Analysis, Salt River Project

“Power Settlements SettleCore system has enhanced the analysis and operation of Seattle City Light’s Power Marketing Division. As a new EIM participant, SCL has leaned on the SettleCore Daily Analysis tool to identify Master File enhancements, CIDI ticket submissions, training opportunities and participation strategies for our Traders. SCL highly recommends working with the Power Settlements team; they are a superior vendor that exemplifies customer service and support.”
Mitch Kunstel & Nhung Mach, Power Marketer & Strategic Advisor, Seattle City Light

“SettleCore Visual Analytics has allowed Idaho Power Company the ability to review market operations in real-time and conduct post market analytics for front and back office staff.  The software is intuitive and easy to use and is designed with an analyst mindset. The SettleCore Analytics module also provides the ability to shadow the CAISO EIM benefits logic which has proved essential in validating the CAISO EIM quarterly benefits reports as well as regulatory reporting.  Power Settlements’ staff are responsive to IPC business needs and work with IPC staff to resolve issues timely and efficiently.”
Jennifer Gerard, Operations Settlement Leader, Idaho Power Company

“Power Settlements’ EIM settlement software, including the Visual Analytics module, is intuitive and easy to use. The SettleCore system has been valuable to SMUD for identifying dispute items and investigating operational issues. It’s designed from an analyst’s viewpoint and offers a variety of ways to view settlement-related data, right out of the box. The Visual Analytics module enables us to quickly see real-time profit/loss and identify uninstructed deviations at the resource level to head off problems and minimize negative settlement implications.”
Jessica Kasparian, Manager, Commodity Settlements & Load Forecasting, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)

“The SettleCore Visual Analytics Module offers the ability for APS to utilize programmable validation rules to alert unusual market results. These business rules allow for complex datasets to be created from both CAISO data and external interfaces, producing a highly customizable and interactive analysis tool. This enables relevant market data to be efficiently compiled, analyzed, and flagged for further follow-up. The SettleCore platform fosters better collaboration between the operations and settlements business areas, helps identify areas for operational improvement, and provides improved detection and support of CAISO settlement disputes for increased cost recovery.”
Adam Wardell, Leader, Energy Accounting & System Reporting, APS

“Utilizing the Power Settlements Visual Analytics module, PacifiCorp was able to quantify the benefits associated with additional capital investment at its generation facilities, utilizing the profit and loss calculator in a quick and easy manner. The Visual Analytics module allows PacifiCorp to see nodal based profit and loss calculations that provide clear price signals associated with changes in the market in PacifiCorp’s balancing area and changes in the broader EIM. This type of information has allowed PacifiCorp to more easily understand and quantify the benefits associated with enhanced flexibility at its plants and assess any capital improvements that may allow increased flexibility to react to changes in the market. In addition, PacifiCorp has been able to further analyze uninstructed deviations at its plants and spot issues in real-time to minimize cost impacts to its customers.”
Kelcey Brown, Director, Market Policy and Analytics, PacifiCorp

“SettleCore Visual Analytics for historical and real-time has allowed Puget Sound Energy to track market operations in real-time and conduct post analytics.”
Manager, Puget Sound Energy

“Power settlements provides enough of a quantitative difference in processing capability, as to arrive at a qualitatively different staff experience. It’s the difference between a trader spending 4 hours analyzing a single day’s settlement in .XLS, and spending 5 minutes confirming an outcome in full color charts via Visual Analytics.”
Justin Bosserman, Project Manager, Wellhead Electric

“The Power Settlements system has really been a huge benefit to us. Our schedulers and traders have already seen a huge benefit from the Visual Analytics module. With a single Real-Time dashboard that automatically updates itself every 5 minutes, we now have real-time visibility into our CAISO’s 5-minute ADS generator dispatches, our internal meter data reads, real-time imbalance energy, all of our schedules and all of the LMPs. Having a single screen with all of this information, which allows us to perform Real-Time analysis and reporting, has been amazing. Within just a few weeks after the Power Settlements implementation, we have already found several internal and CAISO issues that we are following up on to further improve our generator performance.”
Efrain Sandoval, Resource Scheduler, City of Vernon

“The graphical display makes it easy to utilize for learning/training, strategy, analysis, operations or just viewing data for many in our company. It’s also a single point of reference for discussion and analysis.”
Front-Office, Merchant Generator

“I use Visual Analytics to review the market interaction of each of our resources in all ISO markets.”
Front-Office, Merchant Generator

“The Visual Analytics Module is useful to catch the occurrences of events that shadow (settlements) will not capture.”
Back-Office, Large Utility

“It is a great tool for monitoring and identifying potential issues.”
Management, Municipal Utility

The SettleCore solution is comprised of the following modules:
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