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Bid-to-Bill Software for Market Participants

  • MISO
  • PJM
  • ISO-NE
  • SPP

Power Settlements provides energy market participants with software solutions. SettleCore is the leading bid-to-bill system for ISO and RTO physical power markets. We provide robust functionality for bids, offers, schedules, ISO downloads, shadow settlements, reports, and visual analytics. Customers include investor-owned utilities, municipalities, independent generators, and hedge funds.

What Customers Are Saying

What Customers Are Saying

“We selected Power Settlements because they were the most responsive and informed group that we spoke to in our initial software screening. In implementation, they have continued to display that level of expertise. Power Settlements provides enough of a quantitative difference in processing capability, as to arrive at a qualitatively different staff experience. It’s the difference between a trader spending 4 hours analyzing a single day’s settlement in. XLS, and spending 5 minutes confirming an outcome in full-color charts via Visual Analytics. It’s the difference between IT spending an hour a day making sure data gets downloaded, and simply logging in to review your already downloaded data. It’s the difference between having your accounting department spend 10 hours correlating CAISO reports to compare to a CAISO statement, and just clicking one button to receive that spreadsheet. In other words, it’s the difference between making a profit, and spending that profit on the time it takes trying to figure out if you did.

Of course, there are other products out there, but when you consider the staff, the customization capability, and the modern platform that Power Settlements provides, you can’t beat the value for the price.”

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