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Bid-to-Bill Software for Market Participants

  • MISO
  • PJM
  • ISO-NE
  • SPP

Power Settlements provides energy market participants with software solutions. SettleCore is the leading bid-to-bill system for ISO and RTO physical power markets. We provide robust functionality for bids, offers, schedules, ISO downloads, shadow settlements, reports, and visual analytics. Customers include investor-owned utilities, municipalities, independent generators, and hedge funds.

What Customers Are Saying

What Customers Are Saying

“EIM activity produces voluminous data and SettleCore is a key tool for efficiently managing and consuming data. SettleCore Visual Analytics for historical and real-time has allowed Puget Sound Energy to track market operations in real-time and conduct post analytics. SettleCore features business rule logic that enables PSE to track and monitor defined market events. PSE staff worked with Power Settlements to replicate CAISO EIM benefit logic, which has proved essential in validating CAISO’s benefit estimates. Power Settlements staff has been and continues to be flexible and responsive as PSE integrates SettleCore into operations.”

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