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Puget Sound Energy Implements the Power Settlements Visual Analytics Module for Analytics and Reporting in the CAISO EIM

Puget Sound Energy (“PSE”), a utility with approximately 3,500 MW of generation, has implemented the Visual Analytics Module for performing the functions of post-analytics and real-time analytics in the CAISO Energy Imbalance Market (“EIM”). PSE also utilizes the Visual Analytics Module for validating the CAISO-published EIM Benefits amounts. The Power…

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Wellhead Electric Implements the Power Settlements Solution for CAISO Shadow Settlements and Real-Time Situational Awareness Analytics

Wellhead Electric, an energy company with generation in the CAISO market, has implemented the Power Settlements solution for their front-office analytics and their back-office settlements and reporting. The Power Settlements SettleCore solution for the CAISO market includes the ability to automatically download all CAISO data sources (including ADS, CMRI, OASIS,…

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