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Glendora, California – Terra-Gen, LLC (Terra-Gen), a leading developer and operator of clean energy projects across North America, has launched the SettleCore software platform from Power Settlements Consulting & Software (PSCS) to manage the bidding and scheduling of its portfolio of solar and clean storage (battery) resources within the California ISO (CAISO) energy market. Terra-Gen’s growing asset base includes solar and wind resources as well as 1,500 MW of energy storage with another 1,000 MW coming online within the next two years. The firm is now in production use of the SettleCore™ platform for all of its CAISO market participation. The SettleCore™ platform modules that Terra-Gen has implemented include:

  • Trade Capture
  • Bidding Module
  • Scheduling Module (including Dynamic Limits Hybrid Submission)
  • Position Management
  • Visual Analytics
  • ISO Downloader
  • Settlements Analyzer
  • Shadow Settlements
  • Contract Billing (for complex bilateral settlements and invoicing)

Power Settlements was the clear choice to provide us with comprehensive bid-to-bill functionality that could handle our complex renewable bidding and settlements requirements for the CAISO market. They worked closely with us throughout the implementation process to meet all our specific requirements, and the Terra-Gen team has already derived significant benefits in multiple areas. The SettleCore™ modules we licensed have helped us more quickly bid, analyze, optimize, and report on the performance of our renewable and hybrid fleet, significantly enhancing our CAISO market participation and, ultimately, the more efficient delivery of clean energy to customers.”
                                                                         Ryan Miller, Terra-Gen Manager of Scheduling

Jason Hebert, Senior Vice President with PSCS added, “Terra-Gen is an exemplary customer in its use of SettleCore™.  Their staff leverages the platform for all front-office requirements, including the automation of bid strategies to create day-ahead and real-time bid/offer curves for their complex hybrid generation assets, and then submitting the bids and schedules to the CAISO’s SIBR system. They also use SettleCore’s Visual Analytics module for monitoring their plant performance. Additionally, Terra-Gen deployed SettleCore™ for their back-office needs including full CAISO shadow settlements, automation of complex bilateral counterparty settlements and invoicing (for PPA agreements), and ISO reporting. We’re excited about this successful go-live and look forward to supporting Terra-Gen’s CAISO market participation.”

About Terra-Gen, LLC
A leading U.S. developer, owner, and operator of utility-scale renewable energy projects in North America. Terra-Gen owns approximately 3.3 GW and 3,800 MWh of wind, solar and energy storage capacity in operation and construction across 28 renewable power facilities throughout the U.S. Our firm was formed in 2007 and is owned by ECP, a leading investor and facilitator of the energy transition, and Igneo Infrastructure Partners, a premier global investment manager with more than $15 billion in direct infrastructure assets.  For more information, visit

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