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Power Settlements has several competitive advantages in the SettleCore system and our support model that make us stand out from our competition. In fact, we have a significant percentage of our customers that previously licensed systems from some of the most recognized vendors for ISO/RTO market participants, and have since deployed the SettleCore system and retired their legacy vendor systems. The following are some of our key differentiators.

100% Managed Software

We provide all administration of our software products for our customers, regardless of whether the customer selects an Offsite Hosted deployment or the Hybrid Onsite-installed deployment.

  • For our customers that have the SettleCore system deployed in an Offsite Hosted environment, Power Settlements performs 100% of all SettleCore support and maintenance.
  • For our customers that have SettleCore deployed in a Hybrid Onsite environment, their IT department’s only responsibility is to ensure that the server is online. All other maintenance of the SettleCore system is performed remotely by Power Settlements, resulting in a major time and cost savings for our customers’ IT personnel.

Exceptional Performance Times

The SettleCore ISO/RTO system is incredibly efficient, and has incredibly fast screen refresh times, calculation times, and is exceptionally fast at generating reports.

  • The various ISOs/RTOs create enormous amounts of data that need to be downloaded and retained. We have customers with multiple scheduling entities, with over 200 supply and demand resources in their portfolios, who have databases with more than 5+ years of data and more than 10 TB in database size (from years of the ISO/RTO data downloads), and who continue to report exceptionally fast system performance.

SettleCore Visual Analytics

SettleCore has by far and away the best situational awareness and visual dashboard functionality for market participants of ISOs/RTOs. Our Visual Analytics functionality does not use 3rd party software—it is built directly into SettleCore and has been developed specifically for use by ISO/RTO market participants’ entire resource portfolios in dynamic and highly interactive graphical displays in both historical and real-time dashboards.

  • View schedules, 5-minutes ISO dispatches, internal meter data, LMPs, imbalance energy, generation cost and PNL.


One of the major advantages of the SettleCore system is its in-depth reporting features. In addition to the various screens that are available to view the customer’s data, the SettleCore system has more than 20 standard reports that are built-into the application and can be easily exported by our users.

All Future ISO/RTO Market Changes are Included at no Additional Cost

All future ISO/RTO-initiated market changes that affect existing SettleCore ISO/RTO functionality are updated in SettleCore at no additional cost to our customers.

  • Since the SettleCore ISO/RTO system was first deployed in 2009, we have kept up with the ISO/RTO market changes and have never charged our customers for incorporating any of the market operator’s market initiatives and interface changes.

Daily Data Loading Verification Service

A software system for ISO/RTO market participants is only useful when all of the customer’s data has been downloaded. Accordingly, the Daily Data Loading Verification Service is included at no additional cost. On a daily basis, Power Settlements remotely logs into the customer’s SettleCore system to ensure that their various ISO/RTO data has been successfully loaded. If any of the automated batch downloads have failed, Power Settlements re-initiates the downloads. Every day, we send our customers an email confirming which data sources have been loaded into SettleCore.

  • Our customers have given us incredible feedback regarding this included service, which saves their business and IT users an enormous amount of time and money by not having to expend their resources to ensure that their automated data downloads completed successfully.

Users Interact Directly with Our Software Developers

When a user reports an issue they are able to correspond directly with the software developer that will be providing the software fix.

  • We feel that our customers receive better customer support and are better able to understand our customer’s needs when they are able to communicate their issues directly with our software developers.

Software Bug Fix Guarantee

We understand that all customer-reported issues are important to our customers, not just the most critical issues. Accordingly, we have a Software Bug Fix Guarantee which states that all customer-reported issues, regardless of severity, will be corrected in the next SettleCore release, as long as the issue has been reported prior to 3 weeks from the release date of the next software build.

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