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The SettleCore – PPA Settlement and Invoicing Module is the premier off-the-shelf system for automating complex power purchase agreements, tolling agreements, and bilateral counterparty settlements and invoices.

Benefits of PPA Settlements in a System

  • Saves users time. Saves your company money.
  • It’s easy to use. It’s fast.
  • Handles the most complex PPAs.
  • Transparency into the calculations and supporting data.
  • Your auditors prefer it. All data is versioned with user names and timestamps.
  • 100% vendor supported and maintained. Reduces IT costs.
  • No changes required by your counterparties. Counterparty-specific invoice formats and supporting details.

Includes PPAs for All Resource Types

  • Solar
  • Community Solar
  • Wind
  • Distributed Generation
  • Demand Response
  • Thermal, hydro, nuclear, etc.
SettleCore PPA Invoicing

PPA Settlement System

Power Settlements has created the SettleCore PPA Settlement System specifically for automating complex power purchase agreements, tolling agreements, other power contracts. Whereas most companies use spreadsheets for processing PPA Settlements, our system enables PPA Settlements to be performed completely within the system, providing user-security, traceability, and auditability. Invoices and supporting details can be exported in any format without requiring changes to your existing counterparty invoicing process.

If your company has complex PPAs or transacts with a large number of counterparties, then the SettleCore PPA Settlement System is for you. The PPA Settlement system can handle interval data (i.e., such as 5-minute, 15-minute, hourly, etc.) and can perform any calculation type. Our system can handle complicated formulas with different energy and capacity products, index and swap prices, schedules, forecasts, meter, and any other PPA formula variables. Analysts using the PPA Settlement System have the ability to change contract parameters, run calculations, generate and approve invoices, and process adjustments and overrides. The PPA Settlement System is built for fast performance while handling large volumes of data.

The PPA Settlement System is fast. It saves your company time and money through automation. It saves the end users large amounts of time. It scales with your company. It greatly enhances reporting. The PPA Settlement System preserves the benefits of spreadsheets via data adjustments and invoice amount overrides, but processes all of the data in a system that is replicatable, versioned, auditable, and traceable.

SettleCore PPA Invoicing

Feature Overview

  • Includes screens for storing contract reference data such as contract volumes, prices, thresholds, etc. Data is effective dated so that it can be changed as the contracts change.
  • Includes the ability to import source data through templates.
  • Includes screens for PPA Schedule, PPA Meter, PPA Dispatch, and PPA Prices.
  • All PPA Settlement calculations are versioned. Compare results for any two settlement cycles or invoice versions.
  • Drill-down process for reviewing invoices, statements, and all underlying supporting details.
  • View calculated results for each variable of the formula for analysis.
  • Supports all time intervals, such as 5-minute, hourly, daily, etc.
  • Supports rolling totals over months and years.
  • Supports multiple invoicing cycles (initials, true-ups, etc.).
  • Ability to process one or more PPAs in the same batch job.
  • Ability to provide user overrides and invoice adjustments.
  • Ability to select which time periods to invoice.
  • Ability to generate invoices with an approval process.
  • Ability to export data in a different format per PPA.
  • Includes a reporting screen for extracting data and reporting.
  • User security features for enabling users to have write, read-only, or no access to certain screens. Access to PPAs can be assigned per user so that user only sees the PPA data they have been granted access to.
SettleCore PPA Invoicing

Learn more about how Power Settlements can help you

Top 5 Reasons You Need the SettleCore PPA System

1. PPAs Settled in a System not in Spreadsheets

  • User-security roles, timestamps, auditability, and traceability

2. All Settlements and Invoices are Stored in a Database

  • Easy to access historical data and perform reporting

3. Reduced Manual Errors = $ Savings

  • All settlement formulas are in the system (not spreadsheets)
  • System can handle the most complex contracts

4. Saves Settlement Users Time

  • No need to create monthly spreadsheet templates

5. Increases Management and Auditor Confidence

  • PPA settlements contained within an auditable system

How It Works

1. Contact Power Settlements below for more information and a demonstration.

2. After selecting the software:

  • Provide Power Settlements the PPAs and formulas.
  • Power Settlements will configure the PPA Settlement System.
  • Begin using the PPA Settlement System for generating your PPA invoices.
  • Power Settlements will perform 100% of the support and maintenance of the system.

The SettleCore solution is comprised of the following modules:

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