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Completely automate the submittal of all bids, schedules, and financial contracts to the ISOs.

Submitting a bid or schedule in the ISO portals is a very manual process and can take a really long time.

Drastically reduce scheduling time by automating the entire portfolio of bids and schedules submission to the ISO. Instantly view the status of each submitted bid and schedule.

See how much time you can save automating the submission of bids and schedules to the ISOs by scheduling a demo of SettleCore.

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Feature Overview

  • Import bids and schedules from the Bidding Module, from your company’s ETRM system, or copy and paste them directly in a SettleCore screen.
  • Submit all bids and schedules at the same time or select the desired resources by Market Type. Submit one or more hours at time for one or more scheduling entities.
  • Includes business rule validations to ensure that the bids and schedules comply with the ISO’s rules.
  • As soon as the bids and schedules are submitted to the ISO, the user is notified of the submittal status.

The SettleCore solution is comprised of the following modules:

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