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Transmission service providers require a robust calculation engine for performing transmission settlements.

Transmission providers need the ability to calculate rate-based formulas and the flexibility to configure contract-specific formulas. Transmission billing systems consume large volumes of data and must be able to accurately process data in a short period of time.

The Settlecore – Transmission Billing Module enables transmission entities and balancing authorities to store static formula variables as well as import critical operational data such as schedule volumes, meter volumes, Etag volumes, and ISO charges and billing determinants, which need to be consumed in the processing routines.

The Transmission Billing Module is the solution for customers that require complex billing formulas, need data to be calculated down to frequencies as low as a 1-minute level and require, fast processing times, configurable invoicing timelines, the ability to provide detailed supporting data extracts for customers to validate their invoices, and a full audit trail.

  • For CAISO EIM entities, the SettleCore EIM Settlements system (ISO Downloader Module, Shadow Settlements Module, Settlements Analyzer Module, Transmission Module, and PPA Module) is the solution that enables EIM participants to perform balancing authority ISO shadow settlements, allocate CAISO EIM settlement statement amounts, perform load settlements, perform complex settlement calculations, and provide customer invoices and supporting data files.

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Features Overview

  • Define tariff formulas, customer-specific formulas, and contract formulas.
  • Import schedules, meter data, Etags, and ISO billing determinants.
  • Store tariff rates and contract-specific constants and flags.
  • Allocate payments and charges using any number of allocation methodologies.
  • Provide all desired data points to enable customers to validate their invoices.
  • Define any invoicing frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, or any user-defined combination).
  • The Transmission Billing Module and PPA Module comprise the complete solution for complex transmission settlements and invoicing.

The SettleCore solution is comprised of the following modules:

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