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Dairyland Power Cooperative (DPC), consisting of 25 member systems with a total peak load in excess of 1,000 MW and generation capacity in excess of 1,300 MW has implemented the Power Settlements shadow settlement system to perform shadow settlement estimates and validations of their MISO market settlement charge types. After a rigorous testing period, Dairyland moved SettleCore™ into production today as their MISO settlement system of record.

John Young, Manager of Market Services at DPC commented, “The SettleCore system is easy to use and our settlement analysts are able to quickly identify the source of settlement discrepancies between the shadow and MISO. SettleCore’s accuracy and intuitive format has added efficiency to our settlement process, as well as increased the level of confidence in the accuracy of our shadow settlements.

John further commented on the support Power Settlements provides to clients, “Our interaction with Power Settlements, from the first demo, through a full featured trial phase and into production has been smooth and professional. They are very attentive to details, knowledgeable about the MISO market and willing to make product changes that increase our productivity. We would highly recommend that anyone looking for a robust settlements system consider Power Settlements.

The SettleCore – MISO shadow settlement system is used to download all MISO-published data sources (bids/offers, market awards, prices, FTRs, unit outages, meter data, settlement statements and invoices, etc.), to view and extract all MISO data, to perform shadow settlement estimates as early as one day after the trade date (T+1),  to compare shadow settlement estimates to the MISO-published settlement statements, and to compare MISO invoices and MISO settlement statements.

“Dairyland is a very well respected participant in the MISO market and we appreciate their vote of confidence in selecting SettleCore for their MISO shadow settlements. We look forward to working together for a long time”, said David Dan, CEO of Power Settlements.

About Dairyland Power Cooperative

Dairyland is a generation and transmission cooperative (G&T) which provides the wholesale electrical requirements and other services for 25 electric distribution cooperatives and 17 municipal utilities in the Upper Midwest. In turn, these cooperatives and municipals deliver the electricity to consumers–meeting the energy needs of more than half a million people.

Dairyland’s generating resources include coal, natural gas, hydro, wind, landfill gas, biomass, animal waste and solar. Dairyland delivers electricity via nearly 3,200 miles of transmission lines and 300 substations located throughout the system’s 44,500 square mile service area that encompasses 62 counties in four states (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois).

Please visit for more information on Dairyland Power Cooperative and its facilities.

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