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After a successful testing phase, followed by a successful parallel test, one of California’s largest investor owned utilities rolled the SettleCore – Business Intelligence and Analytics Module into their production SettleCore environment.

The SettleCore – Business Intelligence and Analytics Module provides two very powerful features to our users.

First, this module displays data on dynamic graphs and allows the users to drag-and-drop desired data items into the screen. Whereas most systems display CAISO data in data grids, this module allows the users to view their CAISO data in a graphical format. For example, the users can view a generator’s market awards, ADS DOT, meter data, SLIC outages, and CMRI Expected Energy – all on a single graph. The users have the ability to view the data in a daily view or to drill-down to a sub-minute view to analyze a unit’s performance.

The second powerful feature of this module is the ability to implement customer-specific rules, which are automatically flagged on the graph. For example, if a user wants to know if they were issued a real-time dispatch that violated their maximum ramp rate, or if the CAISO started up one of their units that violated the unit’s minimum down time, the users are able to view each of these auto-flagged events on the graph. Further, the users are able to log comments on the various events, which can be identified as early as T+1.

The feedback from the users of the SettleCore – Business Intelligence and Analytics Module has been phenomenal.

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