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Today, Power Settlements released a new Video on the SettleCoreTM Visual Analytics module. This module is 100% visual, and allows generators to view their ISO/RTO data, to view their internal data, and to track their live Profits and Losses in Real-Time – and all in one single dashboard. Check out the 3-minute video on our website, read some customer success stories, and see how the SettleCore Visual Analytics module can deliver a high return on investment.

Use this module to:

• Automatically display ISO data such as day-ahead energy, hour-ahead energy, 5-minute dispatch instructions, ancillary service capacity, outage events, LMPs, etc.

• Incorporate internal data such as PI or SCADA meter reads, internal generation costs, heat rates, gas burn, plant temperatures, etc.

• Compare internal PI or SCADA meter reads to ISO 5-minute dispatches for real-time deviations.

• Compare ISO LMPs to internal gen cost.

• Track the Profit-and-Loss for each asset in the portfolio in Real-Time (down to the 5-minute interval).

• Collaborate with one single dashboard for all user types in front-office, mid-office, and back-office (including generation plant dispatchers, pre-schedulers, real-time schedulers, asset optimizers, risk analysts, settlement analysts, and executive management).

To view the 3-minute SettleCore Visual Analytics video and read the customer comments, go to:

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