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The City of Vernon, a municipal utility with a peak load of approximately 194 MW and more than 130 MW of generation, implemented the Power Settlements solution for the CAISO market. The City of Vernon implemented the Power Settlement Visual Analytics module for analyzing unit dispatch in Real-Time and the Settlement modules for performing CAISO charge code shadow settlements and statement validations.

Efrain Sandoval, Resource Scheduler at the City of Vernon, had this to say, “The Power Settlements system has really been a huge benefit to us. Our schedulers and traders have already seen a huge benefit from the Visual Analytics module. With a single Real-Time dashboard that automatically updates itself every 5 minutes, we now have real-time visibility into our CAISO’s 5-minute ADS generator dispatches, our internal meter data reads, real-time imbalance energy, all of our schedules and all of the LMPs. Having a single screen with all of this information, which allows us to perform Real-Time analysis and reporting, has been amazing. Within just a few weeks after the Power Settlements implementation we have already found several internal and CAISO issues that we are following up on to further improve our generator performance.”

City of Vernon further commented, “Regarding the Power Settlements back-office functionality, now all of our CAISO data downloading is completely automated and we are able to shadow estimate and validate our CAISO settlement statements accurately and on time. Weekly reporting processes that we previously completed manually that would take days to perform are now able to be completed in about just 2 hours using the Power Settlements system. The Power Settlements modules for CAISO Settlements have provided us the transparency, calculation accuracy, and ease of use that we originally saw during the original Power Settlements demonstration. We are very pleased with the Power Settlements system.”

The Power Settlements solution for the CAISO market includes the ability to automatically download all CAISO data sources (including ADS, CMRI, OASIS, OMS, Master File, MRI Settlements, SIBR, etc.) screens to view the data, and a Create-a-Report screen to extract 100% of CAISO data sources to MS Excel for a range of dates. The Shadow Settlement module enables more than 150 charge codes to be shadow estimated and validated. The Settlements Analyzer Module is used to compare any two Settlement files to each other (CAISO or Shadow), automatically flags variances and potential disputes, and includes an unparalleled drill-down feature for analyzing billing determinants. The Visual Analytics module has both an historical and a Real-Time screen for viewing all of the components of a company’s generator dispatch.

“We are thrilled that the City of Vernon implemented the Power Settlements system. The implementation for the City of Vernon was our 12th deployment of the Power Settlements system for market participants in the CAISO market. The City of Vernon has been a great customer and we look forward to supporting them for many years to come”, said David Dan, CEO of Power Settlements.

About the City of Vernon

The City of Vernon Gas & Electric Department serves as an essential resource to the city’s business community, providing dependable, high-quality utility services at very competitive rates. Gas & Electric offers electricity, natural gas and fiber optic services to Vernon based businesses, often at a cost savings compared to neighboring utility providers. The City-owned electric, natural gas and fiber optic distribution systems have a strong, established history of reliability, capable of efficiently and successfully serving the needs of the City’s unique business community.

Please visit for more information about the City of Vernon and its facilities.

About the Power Settlements SettleCore Solution

SettleCore is a leading platform for participants in the ISO and RTO Markets. The SettleCore ISO/RTO modules enable full bid-to-bill functionality from bid submission through data downloading, reporting, and shadow settlements and settlement statement validation in the ISO markets. The SettleCore Visual Analytics Module is the leading visual dashboard for analysis of ISO dispatch and automatic flagging of events to avoid costs and highlight trading opportunities. Visual Analytics displays data in both an historical screen as well as an on-demand real-time screen. The SettleCore ETRM system includes a very robust, modular and fully integrated Energy Trading and Risk Management system, which includes power and natural gas deal entry for transactions in ISOs as well as bilateral transactions outside ISOs, settlements and invoicing, mark-to-market, the enforcement of counterparty credit and trader limits and risk management analytics. All of the SettleCore modules are fully integrated in a single system built in Microsoft .Net, using the SQL Server database that provides for full auditability, traceability, and user security roles.

More information about Power Settlements can be found at

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